No matter what theme you’re using, I can make tweaks that will give your site a new, up-to-date look. I can fix those annoying bugs or the button that doesn’t look quite right. Contact me for more information.


I can edit your audio files, upload episodes, schedule social media promotion, and more.







I’ll help you build your online presence, no matter how crazy or complex your idea is. I can also fix that bug you can’t track down or customize a new theme on your current website. Check out my previous projects in the below Portfolio section.



You have an idea, but don’t know enough about design software to create it yourself. That’s OK; you only need to focus on and be an expert in your own business, and I’ll take care of the rest. I have been drawing and designing since I could pick up a pencil, and I enjoy creating the visualization of my clients’ ideas.



I can upload new posts to your blog, schedule and send your newsletters, upload files to be shared via online storage sites, convert any kind of audio or video file format to any another kind, do Internet research, and create PowerPoint presentations, formatted Excel spreadsheets, databases, and more.


My website developer was not being very responsive or proactive, so I was looking for additional help, and it’s been such a relief to have Roberto in my court.

My work with Roberto has consistently been above and beyond my expectations. He responds consistently and quickly. He doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding (as long as I’m clear about what I want and provide the content), and he’ll ask questions when something is not clear.

We have a good relationship and rapport, despite the fact that we’ve never met. Our communications indicate to me that Roberto is a kind person and is very knowledgeable and professional in his work. I feel Roberto works with a lot of integrity, and that’s important to me.

I would absolutely recommend Roberto to a friend or colleague. I know that whatever I need for my website is in good hands, and if I need something done, Roberto will do it well and in a timely fashion.

Felicia Bender,

I had worked with Roberto before, so when I wanted a new sales page and didn’t want to do it myself, I immediately thought of him.

Roberto has saved me so much time and stress. I never worried for a single minute that the site wouldn’t look great.

I have recommended Roberto to several people already. It’s so refreshing working with him. He knows his stuff, he’s fast and responsive, and he’s easy to work with.

Kimberly Riggins,

I came to Roberto because I had no idea how to manage the backend work of editing, setting up, or publishing my podcast. I had never worked with anyone for audio editing before, and my biggest concern was that it would become a large, unwieldy project.

Working with Roberto was a dream. Truly. Every part of the process was seamless and smooth. He anticipated what I needed all along the way and provided superb communication and incredible turnaround time… and his work is impeccable. I’d highly recommend Roberto, and in fact I already have, to many of my colleagues.

Lisa Byrne,

Roberto has a rare ability to intuit what a business owner needs and he crafts their vision through his web design. A fellow student in Marie Forleo’s B-School told me Roberto was very perceptive when it came to design, even if few words were exchanged and communication occurred via email. I was skeptical, but after working with Roberto, I realize that it was true.

It has been a pleasure working with Roberto, who is always professional and patient with my many modifications, including the time he laughed off a terrifying moment when I deleted a ton of Word Press web content. He reinstalled it all without complaint. Not every web designer understands the need for start-ups to edit their own websites, so it is a huge bonus that Roberto is completely flexible with this; he never gets cranky or tries to remain proprietary with my content changes (in order to charge the client more).

Roberto is able to pull off any technical challenge I toss his way. He is cutting edge and a pro of the utmost integrity. He will quickly become your go-to guy, unless I hire him first.

Dana Murgia

Roberto is my savior! I am not a tech person, and I used to spend hours and hours trying to figure out simple issues. I was wasting time on the things that I despised in my business and knew I needed help. I am so grateful that I found Roberto to help me with my website.

Whenever I have an issue or need help, Roberto is fast, effective, communicative, and super easy to work with. He is able to use his expertise to take care of everything that I need (and more). He has made running my business so much easier, and now I can relax and know that he’ll take care of all of my website needs in a very timely manner.

Dawn K. Gibson

Before I hired Roberto, I was DROWNING in extra tech work that I couldn’t do. As a website designer and educator, I was scared to death to hire ANYONE; I felt really controlling and had to do everything myself.

But once I hired him, I was amazed at how fast he turned my work around and how PERFECTLY he did everything. If he had questions, he asked, but I’ve never had to show him how to do anything twice (and often, I haven’t even had to show him)! He’s very instinctive and extremely timely. He and I developed a system for uploading and promoting my podcasts; without his help, it would have never grown the way that it has. I’m eternally grateful to have him in my pocket and am happy to glow about him, even if it means more people will know about my best-kept secret.

Jessica Kupferman,

It’s always a little scary to hand your passwords over to a stranger, but Roberto came recommended and I knew I could trust him.

His audio editing and other support has helped me publish my podcast on a regular schedule, and he keeps my website looking professional as well. He can do anything! I can ask Roberto to make any type of update to my website, and he figures it out.

He’s always on top of his work and I know I can count on him to deliver. I feel like I am able to tap into my creativity because Roberto is able to help me turn the ideas into reality.

Kira Hug,

I wasn’t ready to have my site redone, but it needed some help. Roberto helped me add some little details to pull it together so I didn’t have to pay for a whole new design right now. Roberto got things done promptly and was a good communicator.

He’s easy to work with, and his rates are affordable. He also helped me with a horizontal opt-in bar that I had been lamenting over for more than a year. If only I had known about him sooner! I love knowing that if I run into some tech trouble on my site that I can just send it over to Roberto and have it done.

No more headaches and spending months trying to learn coding on something that he can do for me in a few hours!

Mariah Neeson

I needed to make some changes and updates to my website that were beyond my capabilities, and I’m so glad I found Roberto. Most web people do not work at the speed I need things done, but Roberto does!

Plus because his rates are reasonable I find myself going back to him over and over for things I might not change regularly otherwise.

Having someone I can count on and trust to be part of my team means I don’t have to worry about the tech part of my business.

Christina Daves,

I needed a logo for my new business, but it was my first time hiring a designer to create a logo, so I didn’t know how the process was going to be. I loved Roberto’s speediness and flexibility.

He was quick to show me what he came up with and quick to edit the logo as soon as he got my feedback. Because of Roberto’s design, my documents and branding materials look professional.

I would recommend Roberto if you need someone who listens to your needs, is flexible, and has a fast turnaround.

Mic Boekelmann,

Roberto was recommended to me when I was looking for a technical VA to help me set up a special mail campaign. When I looked at his website, I realised that Roberto is much more than a technical VA, and he was able to help me with some design projects as well.

Roberto helped me tweak my existing website theme, designed a gorgeous new website banner, uploaded the same banner to my Facebook page, solved my WordPress-to-Dropbox back-up issues, set-up the Woo Commerce shopping cart in WordPress, designed a banner for my newsletter campaign, and created the autoresponder campaign in Mailchimp.

Roberto is very reliable and trustworthy. He answers all e-mails promptly, and delivers work on time. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and his helpful suggestions on improving my website and my product.
Roberto has saved me valuable time, heartache, and headache by helping me on my technical issues. I highly recommend Roberto’s services.

Weiching Poon

Roberto was a wonder to work with in the process of upgrading my website. Not only WOULD I hire him again—in a heartbeat—but I WILL most definitely do so. I am about to create a brand-new website and he will definitely be the only man for that job.

I marveled at how super-efficient Roberto was, how consistently personable, polite, and professional, how easy to work with. Best of all, he miraculously and effortlessly “got” my instructions and aesthetic sensibility, and he nailed the results every time.

Roberto was generous with his attention and focus, and had super-quick turnaround time. As a perk (a mark of his going beyond the call of duty), he gave the impression that he truly cared about my website and what it means for my business and my life.

Thank you, Roberto; you are nothing short of a hero. I so appreciate the work you have done for me.

Naomi Pabst,

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